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Integrate TimeLog with your other systems

Dynamics 365 Business Central is perfect for small and medium-sized companies looking for a scalable system that offers the flexibility to customise it to your company’s needs.

Meetings turn into registrations with the integration between Microsoft Outlook and TimeLog. Make your planning easier and faster. 

Transfer your invoices with the integration between TimeLog and e-conomic, which ensures higher efficiency, a better overview and more time for important tasks.

With an integration for Exact Online, you can offer your employees two systems that take their point of departure in their everyday life and ease the processes.

The advantage with an integration to Visma administration, compared to a normal ERP system, is that by integrating two systems, you secure the best from two worlds.

Fortnox is a financial system with all the functionalities you need to keep track of your business.

The Crona Lön integration enables you to easily transfer salary data from TimeLog to Crona Lön, so you save time on salary management.

File sharing between TimeLog and Sharepoint. Folders are automatically created in SharePoint for each separate customer and project after which they are accessible from both systems with a single click.

Keep track of your finances with a link between TimeLog and the accounting program Dinero.

The integration between Uniconta and TimeLog connects time registration and project invoicing with accounts and debtor management.

The integration is quick and easy to set up and does not require any consultancy. The transfer is file based and only demands a few clicks.

Rid yourself of bothersome workflows and duplicate entries in two systems. You can now transfer time and salary data from TimeLog directly to Visma Salary with just one file.

With the TimeLog integration to Zenegy, transfer of salary data to your salary system is even easier.

It is easy to access information about customers and projects with TimeLog integration for online file sharing.

Make it easy for yourself. The integration between TimeLog and Lessor Payroll is your way to a more efficient salary process.

The integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and TimeLog provide the optimum systems for both project managers’ and the finance department’s daily work.

Partners & partner integrations

Get BI-tools for your reporting. Visualise your data through dashboards or storyboards. Accobat is a BI tool whom delivers fleksible and user friendly solutions.

Integrate TimeLog with project tools. With an integration to you can connect TimeLog and e.g. JIRA or Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server). 

eKontoret secures a safe transfer of your financial data from your former financial system, so you quickly get ready to integrate the new financial system with TimeLog.

With the Pleo integration to TimeLog, you easily get all expenses directly moved into TimeLog or your financial system.

TimeLog add ons

Invoice export

Our invoice export lets you import a comma separated file in your financial system to provide invoicing data to the financial controller.

TimeLog CRM

Once you want to learn the earnings potential for the coming period, you may benefit from using TimeLog CRM which is gives you an extended CRM with sales and pipeline management. 

Multiple Legal Entities

With TimeLog MLE, you can link multiple legal entities’ financial systems to TimeLog, so you gain full control of the finances.

Integration API

Our Integration API makes it possible to connect TimeLog with your existing CRM or financial system.

Reporting API

Our Reporting API makes it possible to create your own reports based on the data from TimeLog and other business systems. 

File integration API

Our File Integration API makes it possible to automise the file sharing process. You build a platform and define what data should be collected and when. 

TimeLog Mobile

Use TimeLog Mobile to track time on the go. It synchronises automatically with your TimeLog, so you make sure all billable hours are tracked.