Invoice export

Move away from manual entry

The invoice export in TimeLog frees time for what is important, as it minimises the amount of time used on manual data entry.

The invoice export provides the project manager with a detailed overview of the project finances in TimeLog, and your financial department can keep track of your accounts in the financial system.

One-time setup

The invoice export only needs to be set up once, and you are up and running from day one. You may choose to do the configuration and set up of data yourself using our guide, or you may ask us for help and save time on the set up.

Once the file export is configured, you generate a .CSV or .TXT file with a few clicks, which is imported in the financial system. Each month you therefore save more man-hours on entering invoices manually. With TimeLogs File Integration API, you may save even more time by receiving an automatically generated file as often as you want; Daily, weekly or monthly without starting the transfer in TimeLog. 

Use item numbers to sort data

The invoice lines can be attached to your existing product numbers from your financial system, so the imported items are billed on the right accounts in your financial system. In TimeLog Project, the needed project registrations (time tracking, expenses, travel expenses and fixed price payments) are booked on an invoice, and you can use the file export to import data to your financial system afterwards.

All elements on the invoice and each entered line are included in the transfer to your financial system, and afterwards each single activity is booked correctly on the right accounts.

Integration between the best systems in the market

TimeLog's invoice export is only one of many integrations; We have e.g. Developed standard integrations for e-conomicNavision, Axapta and Visma Administration. If you do not use one of these systems, our invoice export is a good alternative to help you save time on invoicing.

The advantages of a TimeLog integration are that you do not need to compromise with processes or systems. We connect a number of the market’s “Best of Breed” solutions in one online and make the everyday life easier for several of our customers. We hope that we can do the same for you.