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Lessor Payroll

Streamline your salary process

The integration between TimeLog and Lessor Payroll is your way to a more efficient salary process.

A big advantage for you is that the employees always register in TimeLog, and all absence registrations and personal expenses are up to data and easily transferred to Lessor Payroll.

It makes it easy to run your salaries and at the same time you avoid errors from manual entries.

Three benefits of integrating TimeLog and Lessor Payroll

  1. You only need to register project time, absence and expenses in one place
  2. You can easily transfer your salary data from TimeLog to Lessor Payroll
  3. You avoid manual entries
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Fast and easy setup

It is easy to set up and activate the Lessor Payroll integration. Everything you need to do is to enter the system administration in TimeLog and enable it under Integrations.

When importing in Lessor Payroll, TimeLog’s salary data is transferred to the activated salary types (project time, flex, sickness and vacation), incl. the employees’ self-paid expenses and mileage registrations.

The integration requires:

  • Subscription for Lessor
  • TimeLog Invoicing or Projects 
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