Streamline your salary process

The integration between TimeLog and Lessor Payroll is your way to a more efficient salary process.

A big advantage for you is that the employees always register in TimeLog, and all absence registrations and personal expenses are up to data and easily transferred to Lessor Payroll.

It makes it easy to run your salaries and at the same time you avoid errors from manual entries.

Three benefits of integrating TimeLog and Lessor Payroll

  1. You only need to register project time, absence and expenses in one place
  2. You can easily transfer your salary data from TimeLog to Lessor Payroll
  3. You avoid manual entries
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Fast and easy setup

It is easy to set up and activate the Lessor Payroll integration. Everything you need to do is to enter the system administration in TimeLog and enable it under Integrations.

When importing in Lessor Payroll, TimeLog’s salary data is transferred to the activated salary types (project time, flex, sickness and vacation), incl. the employees’ self-paid expenses and mileage registrations.

The integration requires:

  • Subscription for Lessor
  • TimeLog Growth
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How do you document that you process sensitive personal data correctly?

Employee data, customer data, etc. are typically processed both by you and your suppliers. But your company is responsible for the correct processing of data. Therefore, you need to ask your supplier for documentation to prove they’re GDPR compliant.

Which control targets do you have in place?

Make sure to ask which control targets your supplier has in place related to data security and IT infrastructure. A control target could e.g. be a process for managing GDPR incidents, or adequate knowledge about which systems manage which data, especially personal data. A significant part of ISAE 3402 is to set up a number of documented control targets that are controlled by a specialized auditor.

When did you last assess your IT compliance?

Ask your supplier how often they revise, validate and update their IT policy and security. Companies often purchase new programs, IT tools or apps, and that must be reflected in the processes and documentation. Det er ikke nok, at en leverandør har lavet en IT-politik tilbage i 2018, da GDPR blev indført. It must be updated all the time. Unlike the ISO 2700X certifications, the control of ISAE 3402 and ISAE 3000 is performed every year. An ISO 2700X certification doesn’t need renewal, but shows that the conditions were met at the time of the certification. So, if your supplier has an ISO certification, ask when it was done.

Do you revise both processes and procedures and physical and logistical security?

How often do you visit your supplier? Maybe they’re placed completely or partially in a different country? An ISAE 3402 declaration includes a physical audit of the security.

What is your procedure for processing sensitive personal data?

Before you implement a new system in your company, you need to know the entire process for how your supplier processes your, your customers’ or your employees’ data. In Europe, all companies are governed by the same rules related to GDPR. You need to be aware of the documentation of how the company lives up to these rules.
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ISAE approved

Our GDPR compliance has been reviewed and approved by independent auditors

Our GDPR compliance and IT infrastructure have been quality assured by independent auditors' statements through the ISAE 3000 GDPR and ISAE 3402 reports. See our reports and learn more about ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402.

ISAE approved