The good thing about TimeLog is that we can see the registered vs booked time on the different employees every day. Even if the planned hours are not executed, they do not disappear from our planning.
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Do you use Microsoft Outlook to plan your day, too?

Many of us prefer to use Outlook as our planning tool. It’s the solution we use to book meetings, set aside time for specific tasks and build up a general overview of our working day.

That’s why we’ve made Outlook one of the programs you can use to register time with TimeLog.

We’ve integrated the two systems so that if you’re used to booking times and dates via your Outlook calendar, you can retain the same overview.

How time registration via Outlook works

  • Simply indicate in Outlook whether a specific task or meeting is a time registration
  • The time registration is then transferred automatically to TimeLog
  • The subject field, comments and indication of whether the task is billable are included automatically

Use Outlook to register time and eliminate duplicated work

Automatically transfer documentation relating to tasks in Outlook to TimeLog

See forecasts for your total billable hours each month

Transfer series of meetings to TimeLog and save time on administration

Eliminate dublicated work Create tasks and agreements in one place only

Time registration in Outlook makes it possible to transfer all the agreements and tasks you have set up in Outlook to your time registration system.

Full freedom to plan your day You're in control

Once Outlook has been integrated with TimeLog, you retain full control of what is transferred to the TimeLog platform. This is because you're free to decide whether or not to label each task and each meeting as a time registration. In other words, you have full freedom to plan your day.

Do you have any questions about time registration with Microsoft Outlook, or would you like to arrange a personal walk-through?

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Full documentation Never miss a detail

In your time registration system, you can see which project and which customer an agreement or task is linked to – and how long it lasts. You can also copy comments to a given task over into TimeLog.

Get TimeLog + Outlook 30 days for free

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Book series of meetings in a single process

Do you have any repeat tasks or meetings?

Most people have a number of meetings they attend every week or month. The combination of Outlook and TimeLog lets you book a series of meetings in a single process.

Make sure to book all hours – in time

Automatic synchronization = faster invoicing

Eliminate the need to guess which tasks you have completed or how many hours you have worked on them. Once you've created a task in Outlook, you can transfer it to TimeLog. This provides a clear overview of time worked and billable hours.

View revenue forecasts

Spot bottlenecks – and generate automatic revenue forecasts

Use our resource planner to check the actual utilisation rate for all employees, and forecast revenues for the coming period on the basis of events booked in the calendar.


Price and version

  • The Outlook integration costs just EUR 4 per licence/month
  • Requires the Starter plan
  • The integration has been developed in partnership with Fischer & Kerrn


Support and set-up

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Permits and security