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Microsoft Outlook

Track time in OutLook

You no longer need to track your time in two separate places, as TimeLog is updated with your hour registration through Microsoft Outlook.

Here is the ideal Outlook hour registration solutions; it is easily accessible, easy to use, easy to set up and compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.

Track time in your most used tool

Microsoft Outlook is an integrated part of your workday, where you are used to plan your own time on different projects and meetings. TimeLog’s integration with Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 will strengthen your hour registration, as you register your hours while planning your time.  

This is what you get with the Microsoft Outlook integration:

  • See hour registrations made in Microsoft Outlook in your weekly timesheet
  • The subjects in your Outlook events are automatically transferred as comments to TimeLog 
  • If the meeting lasts longer and you change the meeting’s length in Outlook, the change is reflected in TimeLog 
  • Select if your planned meeting is billable or not, when you plan it in Outlook
  • If you delete the planned meeting in Outlook, the hour registration in TimeLog is deleted as well
  • Future calendar events in Outlook are turned into resource bookings in TimeLog 
  • See revenue forecast on your future meetings in TimeLog 
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Hour registrations turn into resource planning

When you create your future calendar events in Outlook and at the same time track the hours, the resource planner in TimeLog is automatically updated with the future planning.

You thereby see the exact workload of your employees, as it is now also possible to see all meetings in the resource planner. You thereby avoid unexpected surprises in the resource planning, as you get the full picture for each resource. 

Realistic revenue forecast based on future events

Besides that, you get an automatic revenue forecast for the coming period in the resource planner, which provide insights on how much you can expect to invoice based on the planned events in Outlook.

This basically makes resource management event easier and more exaact, as you can always follow your planning in TimeLog, when the hour registrations are linked with Microsoft Outlook or Office 365. 

This integration requires:

  • TimeLog Projects or Invoicing
  • Exchange server 2010 and newer Office 365
  • Do not support Windows on Mac computers

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