Schedule projects in Microsoft Project, control them in TimeLog

Microsoft Project

  • Get the best follow-up on your projects
  • Separate the detailed planning and follow-up
  • Take advantage of TimeLog Project’s financial overview
  • Track time and invoice in TimeLog Project
  • Import project from Microsoft Project with a few clicks


Each system has its benefits.

For years, project-based organisations have used Microsoft Project due to its efficient project segmentation, Pert diagrams and Gantt charts to manage dependencies, calculate critical paths and illustrate deadline management.

In terms of schedule-phase retrieval of work in progress, time consumption, value creation, invoicing and project management, however, Microsoft Project is challenged.

Fast, easy transfer

The project manager creates projects as normal in Microsoft Project. Once the project is ready for transfer to TimeLog, a macro in Microsoft Project converts the project to an XML file. This file is then imported into TimeLog and linked to a specific customer, leaving you to track your time for each project event. Once created, all adjustments and project changes are made in TimeLog.

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Schedule projects in Microsoft Project – manage them in TimeLog 

TimeLog’s integration feature for Microsoft Project is aimed at supporting companies who wish to combine Microsoft Project’s simple scheduling and project segmentation tools with TimeLog´s user-friendly time registration, contract management and invoicing features. TimeLog’s quick file integration ensures that newly created projects do not need to be recreated. Events, milestones, time schedules, budgets and allocated resources can be transferred at a few clicks of a button.

No consultants needed

Microsoft Project integration is free of charge and does not require setup procedures or technical know-how. Simply click Import from the Microsoft Project interface in TimeLog, download the Microsoft Project template file and use it to create your project. You’re now off to a flying start.

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