Pleo integration to TimeLog

Connect Pleo with TimeLog 

This is how Pleo works with TimeLog

Pleo offers to collect all your expenses in one place. Thereafter you can get the expense report directly in TimeLog, which is both easy and quick. To get the expense report in TimeLog, you need to select the time period you would like to see in Pleo, then download the CSV file to your computer and upload the file in TimeLog.

What is Pleo?

Five benefits with Pleo:

  • Automated expense reports
  • Spendings in real time
  • Match receipts ad transactions
  • Expenses divided on specific projects
  • Unsuitable spendings are reduced

This integration requires:

With Pleo and TimeLog you make sure that all project costs are captured. You always know, if you have missing receipts, and you ensure that everything that should be invoiced is actually invoiced.
Frederik Sandgrav Owner at Sandgrav Solutions

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