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TimeLog reporting API

Get the complete overview of your key figures and performance and raise the bar with TimeLog Reporting API

TimeLog offers more than 80 standard reports for everything from project drive to the distribution of internal and external capacities. Experience tells us that it may be necessary to add or remove report data, which is why TimeLog Reporting API enables you to use relevant data from several standard reports simultaneously.

The smart thing thing about TimeLogs reporting API is that several reports can merge into one, and you can design your own data display.
Søren Øxenhave Solution Architecht at TimeLog

Design your own solutions

With TimeLog Reporting API, you set the design for your reports and match it with your design templates or data dissemination policies. In this way, an online dashboard of your own design featuring your company logo, intranet log-in and real-time key figures is possible.

Consolidate multiple-system data

A powerful customisation feature, TimeLog Reporting API enables data consolidation from several systems simultaneously. So if you employ other BI systems, the customisation feature not only allows you to customise your TimeLog reports, it lets you include data from other systems, granting you the full, clear view of your company’s operations.

Setting up TimeLog Reporting API

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