Integration for Reviso – save time on invoicing


  • Save time on your invoicing process
  • Give both financial and project managers the best systems
  • Quality assurance of your invoicing process with integration log
  • A strong alternative to a full ERP system
  • Get the sense of working on one system only


Integrating TimeLog and Reviso creates a serious contender to the expensive ERP system.

Using the standard integration between TimeLog  and Reviso, it is possible to get the most out of both systems. This means that the financial and the project departments can do their daily work tasks without having to comprimise on the functionality. 

Optimize your time

With the click of a button TimeLog transers the invoice data to Reviso with all the contacts and customer data, which are managed in TimeLog. 

Reasons for the financial department to love the integration:

  • Easy to have an overview of sent invoices and invoice drafts
  • Seamless transer of data
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Since the invoices are booked and sent from Reviso, it is possible to find old invoices in TimeLog by searching with the Reviso invoice number. This feature gives the project manager the ability to help customers without having to log into Reviso.

As a project manager or CEO - why would I use the integration?:

  • Timetracking can be done in the office, on the go and offline.
  • Track the invoice potential
  • Option to use e.g. fixed price, time & material or prepaid hours contracts
  • Advanced resource planning and forecast
  • Many standard reports for analysis and reporting

It's easy to get started

The data flows freely between the two systems, therefore the solution only needs to be set up once.

Integration is quick and free of charge and requires no additional configuration of the two systems. To activate the integration simply enter the login information you use for Reviso in TimeLog.

Read our guide for setting up the integration, if you need further information.

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