TimeLog connects with Sharepoint

Enhance productivity with the TimeLog/SharePoint Online integration feature.

With this integration feature, managing document sharing and providing users with offer, contract and requirement specification overviews is a breeze. In addition to a document overview in the customer’s or the project folder, TimeLog offers an overview of when documents were last changed and by whom.

Get access to SharePoint Online directly in TimeLog

This integration feature links project and customer management in TimeLog with document access in SharePoint Online to facilitate your workflows. 

On the customer card and the Documents tab in projects, your employees quickly see what documents are available and with a simple click enter SharePoint Online. TimeLog automatically creates the folders in SharePoint Online the first them the employee wants access.

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No consultants needed

The SharePoint Online integration is free of charge, and the setup is simple and requires no technical know-how. A system administrator needs to add a normal Document Library in SharePoint Online, no other modifications of your SharePoint Online are needed to make use of the integration. However, it requires Office 365 with the corresponding SharePoint Online solution.

Document classification

In addition to the standard configuration, the SharePoint Online integration feature also provides document classification by customer or project.To view a document immediately, simply click the link.

This integration requires:

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