We’re absolutely delighted with TimeJam. It’s made a huge difference with regard to making time registration fun, and yes ... it’s really paid dividends. We can see that around 94% of all hours are now registered on time in TimeLog purely on account of it.
Anders Graae Project Manager on Frankly

10% more billable hours registered per month


When you add TimeJam to your TimeLog set-up, you enhance the quality of your data by having your employees register their hours in TimeLog on an ongoing basis. For consultancy companies, accurate time registration is directly reflected in the number of billable hours, which typically increase by up to 10% when all members of the team register their hours daily.



Gamification on internal platform

You can get involved in the daily time registration on your Teams or Slack platform – which you’re already used to working with.


30 days free of charge

Try the solution free of charge for 30 days to see if it suits you. The trial subscription is non-binding and expires automatically.


Easy to set up

TimeJam handles all the installation work via TimeLog’s API. Simply agree a start date and you’ll be online without having to lift a finger.


Build strong team spirit

Your team will become committed to registering time on a daily basis and team spirit will improve throughout the company. 

Get a 30 minute introduction and demo of TimeJam

Learn how TimeJam can create a lot of fun and engagement on time tracking and at the same time improve your business KPIs.

Make time registration a fun game

Make time registration a fun game - literally

TimeLog has teamed up with the Danish company TimeJam, which supplies a gamification program designed to “nudge” employees and motivate them to register their hours on a daily basis.

This means that you:

💸 Can improve your data basis

🕑 Should see more hours registered on time in TimeLog from day one

🎯 Will motivate ALL your colleagues to register time correctly

😎 Can reinforce social camaraderie across your teams

Make time registration a fun game
Gamification with TimeLog time registration

Gamification with TimeLog time registration

The way the solution works is by making time registration a competition, where everyone can take part. The team that is best at entering its hours on time receives the most points and is crowned the winner.

  • TimeJam organises everything for you, without touching the data in TimeLog
  • Gamification adds in familiar elements from social media, along with a generous helping of good humour
  • The competition runs on your internal communication platform (Teams/Slack)
  • Time registration becomes a shared project and productivity soars
Gamification with TimeLog time registration

Do you have any questions about the gamification of TimeLog data, or would you like to arrange a personal walk-through?

If so, you can book a 20-minute online presentation
and walk-through of TimeLog to watch on your own computer

Price and version

All versions of TimeLog can use TimeJam.

TimeJam is designed for companies with 30+ employees that already use Slack or Microsoft Teams as an internal communication channel. See prices at TimeJam.

Support and set-up

You can email questions about data to TimeLog at info@timelog.com.

You can email questions about gamification and TimeJam to TimeJam support.

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