Connect Uniconta and TimeLog

Quick invoicing with the integration between TimeLog and Uniconta provides you with a serious alternative to the expensive ERP system.

With our standard integration between TimeLog and Uniconta, we make it simple to use the both systems to what they are designed to. With this integration, we form the basis for the optimal working conditions for both the financial and the project departments, which both get the best systems for their daily work without having to compromise on the functionality. We thereby link the consultancy’s systems into one.

Optimise your company by saving precious time on administration

Customer data, contacts and invoices are managed in TimeLog, and then all information is available in Uniconta.

At the click of a button, invoices from TimeLog are transferred to Uniconta as invoice drafts for further processing.

How does the integration optimise your processes?

  • Automatic synchronisation of data
  • Easy transfer of invoices and customer information
  • A full overview of invoices in both systems, and the project managers do not need access to the financial system
  • An internal invoicing process, where the project manager in TimeLog can mark which invoices are ready to be invoiced
  • You can always follow your invoicing potential in real time in TimeLog
  • An integration log with an explanation of possible failed transfers missing data

Even though the invoices are booked and send from Uniconta, you can always search for old invoices with an Uniconta invoice number in TimeLog.This makes it much easier for the project manager to help customers without having to log into the financial system.

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Quick, easy and simple setup

The solution only needs to be set up once, and hereafter data flows freely between the two systems. Integration is quick and free of charge and requires no additional configuration of the two systems.

This integration requires:

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