Standard integration to Visma 

TimeLog has several standard integrations which are easily set up and gives a sense of one system. Read more about the integration opportunities here.

TimeLog provides a solution which combines exact and simple time tracking with financial project management. Visma Administration 500, 1000 and 2000 helps you keep track of the company's overall invoicing and financial situation. By combining the two systems, you get the sense of one ERP-system.

Correct time tracking improves your invoicing

By integrating TimeLog and Visma Administration you can leave bookkeeping and budgets to the financial department and let project leaders manage their projects. This secures a rise in productivity and job satisfaction in both departments. 

What do you get?

The integration between TimeLog and Visma Administration covers:

  • Automatic synchronisation of customers and contact persons
  • Import of item numbers from Visma Administration to TimeLog
  • Transfer of invoices from TimeLog to Visma Administration with only a few clicks
  • Automatic update of invoice status and number from Visma Administration to TimeLog 
  • Import of expenses from Visma Administration to TimeLog gives you one complete project economy
  • Status of transfers via the build-in integration log, which shows potential conflicts and solutions to them
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Easy with a standard integration

Our standard integration is future-proof, and you do not need to think about what happens when a new version is available. We make sure the integration fits the existing and all future versions of the system.

Our standard integration guarantees you:

  • The best systems for all employees
  • Two systems which are constantly under development within their niche
  • Minimal costs for consultancy
  • An integration that supports more future opportunities
  • An integration that always work with new versions of TimeLog Project and Visma Administration 500, 1000 and 2000

The integration is developed in cooperation with the consultancy DataPartner, who specialises within development of software solutions and integrations for Visma Administration.

This integration requires:

  • Subscription with Visma
  • TimeLog Growth
  • Our integration can only support Visma Administration when it is installed as a 32-bit application.
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