New and improved help function in TimeLog Project v. 6.0

New user friendly help function in TimeLog Project

A new integrated help function has been added to the system with the new version of TimeLog Project.

We have tried to make the help as accessible as possible and at the same time give the opportunity to adjust to personal needs.

The new and most essential functions are:

  • Context based online help
  • TimeLog Project Help Center
  • Knowledge sharing with colleagues

Context based online help

In the future, you have help right at your finger tips. On each page in TimeLog Project there is a symbol looking like a lifebuoy in the top right corner. If you click it, you receive help and information for the page you are working on.


If you need more general help for TimeLog Project, you can navigate to the TimeLog Project Help Center (or click on help in the top right corner on the screen), which include guides for all functionalities and processes in TimeLog Project.

TimeLog Project Help Center

TimeLog Project Help Center is a knowledge center where you can seek for help for the system. Here you will find a FAQ, and whitepapers explaining best practice and how TimeLog uses the system.

Here, you will also meet our consultants and read more about what they are offering.

Knowledge sharing with colleagues 

The new help function has made it possible to write your own help texts. Along the right side of the screen you will find a question mark. You can create a help text if you click on it. It may either be a check list for yourself, or a general guide for other colleagues within your company. In this way you can incorporate processes and it is a useful tool for knowledge sharing.

Custom Help

If you hire new employees, or need to secure a continuous working procedure, the systems offers an opportunity to create and describe workflows in the system. The workflows will be accessible in a side bar, and you can create an internal link for the pages needed in every step of the workflow. This makes it easier to pass on important information and quicker to work with and get to know the system. This is especially useful for new employees.

A workflow could e.g. include the steps needed in your invoicing process or handling of salary data.

Help on each single page

Rome was not build in one day, and right now there will be pages in TimeLog Project missing a help text. Within the next year, TimeLog Project Help Center will undergo intensive development to ensure a good and useful introduction and help text to all pages.

We hope the new help functionalities make working with TimeLog Project easier, so you have more time for the challenges the working day brings.


Christoffer Lanstorp

Christoffer Lanstorp