Patch notes for patch 5.6.037

Patch notes 5.6.036 and 5.6.037

Newly released patch notes for the latest version of TimeLog Project

Create multiple instalments

It is now possible to create multiple instalments in one operation.
In the payment plan a link “Add multiple instalments” has been added next to the “New instalment” button. When you click the link a modal opens…

Patch Notes


In the modal you specify the number of instalments you need, the amount of each instalment, the invoice date of the first instalment and with which interval the instalments should be created.

Patch Notes 2

After the instalments are created you can easily correct the details of the created instalments directly in the list.

Patch Notes 3

Adding split capabilities to move allocation interface

The interface for moving allocation has been improved with capabilities to split an allocation.
The interface now offers two options

  1. Move – which should be used when the current allocated employee should be removed from the task. If the current allocated employee hasn’t registered any time on the task, his allocation will be deleted
  2. Split allocations – which should be used when the current allocated employee should stay on the task but some of the workload is to be moved to another employee.

Patch Notes 4

The column Balance (h.) replaces the column Actual (h.) and shows what is left of the allocation when already registered work is deducted.

When moving or splitting an allocation the number of hours transferred to the new allocated employee can be specified in the Transfer text box. By clicking the small arrows in the Alloc. (h.) and Balance (h.) columns, it is easy to transfer either the full allocation or the balance of the allocation.

Connecting Skills module and resources management on a project

This enhancement improves the process of finding the resources with the needed competencies for your project and adding them in one easy flow.

A shortcut to search in the CV database has been added to the “Add resources” section in the resource group.

Patch Notes 5

In the CV database the user can search out employees with the right competency needed in the project and add these resources to the project from within the CV database.

The skills module remembers which project the user accessed the CV database from and automatically pre-selects this project for allocation.
When the user adds a resource he can chose to navigate back to the project and continue building the project plan or stay in the CV database to search for more resources for the project.

Patch Notes 6

New Call-to-action