Patch notes for TimeLog Project

Patch notes 5.7.022

Here’s the latest patch notes below the note on currency refactor inluding improvements on project features too.

Currency refactor

The refactor changes how the users can switch between automatic and manual entered exchange rates.

In the existing version the user had to create a new currency if they wanted to control the exchange rate themselves on currencies that normally is automatically updated from the Danish national bank.

In the new version the user modifies the currency and can chose between automatic and manual. This means that it is no longer necessary to create the extra manual currency.
Much more intuitive for the user than the existing solution.
And of course current currencies and data is scripted into this model so the user won’t feel the changes until they modify currencies.

Patch Notes Sc1

The patch also include a new option for Enterprise customers to set default country and default currency on business units (when more legal entities is activated).

This means that e.g. a Swedish department could set Sweden and SEK as default. When employees within the business unit create a new customer both country and currency are default chosen based on the department settings. Business and Team customers do not have this option even when using department module.

Patch Notes Sc2

A general improvement is default mapping of country and currency, so chosing a country on new/edit customer will set the currency automatically. E.g. chosing Germany will set currency to EURO. Changing currency will not set country. Note: we do not have all currencies in our system right now why som countries might map to default currency even though it’s not the currency of the country. If this happens, you can create a new currency in the System Administration.

New features

Overdue tasks is marked with red in project plan. 

The project plans has been modified to highlight the task where the end date is overdue with red.

This way it is easy for the eye to locate the task that needs to be handled.

Patch Notes Sc3


Adding employee to resource group from skills matrix

In the Skills module it is possible to search out resources for your project based on their skills. When you have found the resources it is possible to add them directly to the task plan or to the resource group of a project from the skills matrix.

With this minor improvement it is also possible to select the hourly rate when adding the employee to the resource group.

To use the skills matrix you need to have the TimeLog Skills module.

Patch Notes Sc4

Fast Track

Dates and product numbers on the same invoice print

When using product number in the invoicing module it is now possible to add both the product number and the date of the invoice line to your invoice template.

Patch Notes Sc5

Also more formatting options for Logo, Header and Description has been added to in the template editor.


Improvements in CRM

The TimeLog CRM has been improved with a few fast track tasks.

Sorting has been added to the Contacts, Relations, Opportunity and Events result tables on the customer card.

You can format your invoice template form the menu System Administration -> Invoice Templates. Click the Hide or Show links to control if the Date or the Product number (or both) should be visible on the invoice print.

Patch Notes Sc6

Contacts have been extended with search by mobile and email and the contact export has been extended with department information.


Extension of reports

A few reports have been extended with additional data.

Data extraction: Absence report has been extended with a filter on Salary Group and the result has also been extended with a Salary Group column. This way it is now possible e.g. to extract only holiday registrations across several different holiday salary codes.

Expense report – Submit/Print has been extended with a view option to show the purpose of the travel in the result table.

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