Automate your project invoicing

Is your desk messy due to piles of spreadsheets and homemade reports to keep track of your contractual relationships on your projects? Then our automated project invoicing will do you good.

Project invoicing is an important process in your business, so you make sure your customers are invoiced correctly. It is a management tool that gives your business a great leap forward and provide you with the large overview of which settlement types are most profitable.

Settlement types for different needs

Only a few companies sell their projects and services on the same contract type.We therefore offer eight settlement types.They are used to manage both your financial contractual obligations towards customers and your internal financial reporting supporting management of bonus schemesand invoicing.

The eigth settlement types are:

  1. Time & material – Standard contract
  2. On-account invoicing with end-balancing
  3. Continuous on-account invoicing with period balancing
  4. Prepaid hours
  5. Fixed price – Standard contract
  6. Task-driven revenue
  7. Continuous service contract
  8. Volume invoicing
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Easy to invoice your customers

When you create a project, you select one or more settlement types, which automatically ensures that you invoice your customers according to the agreed contract. When you employees track time, your project is updated, and you can thereby follow the progress according to your budget in real time.The project manager is notified of signs of budget overruns, so (s)he can react in time. Moreover, you always have an up to date invoicing potential based on your customer contracts.  

Invoicing of sub supplier services

Many companies struggle getting the true insigt of their project economy when buying services from sub suppliers to their projects.We can separate your internal and external costs on your projects, and you decide yourself, if the external deliveries should be invoiced to the customer, or if they are part of the contract.

It is also possible to separate e.g. travel time from the contract, so it can be invoiced separately.