Successfull customer management

TimeLog is made for companies with close customer relations, where it is important to being able to deliver a current status and documentation.

Clear communication between customer and supplier is crucial for all project work. TimeLog offers reports and functionalities which are customised to support a clear dialogue between your customers and suppliers. With status reports, project overviews, Gantt charts and much more, it is easy to inform the customer about project progress and possible obstacles on the way.

Get the documentation in place

Some customers want more documentation than others. The documentation can be created either as targeted reports or detailed invoices. The exact time tracking in TimeLog makes it possible to deliver exactly the documentation the customer asks for.

If your consultants work directly at the customer, it is possible to pull a monthly approval report, which the customer and the consultant can sign.

Information when they want it

Let your customers get the documentation they want when they need it. With the integrated Extranet, it is possible for your customers to see the information you have made available to them. It saves both parties time, as it limits the number of status e-mails going back and forth, and your customers do not need to call to ask for an old invoice. They find it themselves.

Extend with sales and pipeline management

With TimeLog CRM, you extend the customer database with sales and pipeline management. In this way, the sales process and project work are linked together and creates an overview of the total customer activity.

TimeLog CRM is fully integrated with the project management in TimeLog, so a sales opportunity can be converted into a project. With TimeLog CRM, the sales department can manage their pre-sales activities and measure efficiency of them, and the marketing department can extract mailing lists for their campaign work.

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