Department structure in TimeLog

Get an organised overview

TimeLog’s department structure makes the organisation with many employees and departments easy to manage.

With our department strucutre, you can divide TimeLog into multiple standalone departments analogous with your company structure. TimeLog supports a hierarchical department structure with main and sub departments.

All TimeLog reports can be customised to include data from either single departments, teams or the entire company.

With TimeLog’s department structure you get:

  • Department structure in up to four levels
  • Overview of use of resources across departments
  • Overview of time spent on projects for other departments
  • ABC - Activity Based Costing
  • Reporting at departmental and company levels

ABC - Activity Based Costing

Because TimeLog’s department structure saves a department’s affiliation with both employees and projects, providing you with insight into which employees are working on projects for other departments.

Especially the value which staff functions create becomes clear, e.g. when an HR department takes part in interviews for a different department. This special department analysis can be used as basis for internal invoicing between departments. The report features multiple views, e.g. hours, internal costs and invoiced value.

Approval of hours and expenses

Each department head approves the employees for whom (s)he is responsible. But sometimes there might be a need to change approver without changing the department structure. It is therefore possible to select who should approve hours directly on each employee, also even though it might not be the direct manager. It is e.g. in vacation periods that you can change approver, so you make sure that the hours are approved before invoicing them.

Access to data follows the departments

A manager’s access to data and reports are limited to their own department and e.g. sub departments. The higher your position in the organisation, the more department data is at your disposal, and in turn the more data is available for you to compare across departments.

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