Extranet - Online customer/supplier communication


  • Give your customers access to real-time data
  • Utilise the value of online knowledge sharing
  • Decide which data to divulge to the customer
  • Customer access to status reports and invoices
  • Integrated with TimeLog Help Desk

Accessible knowledge – always

Give your customers access to project data and invoices when they need it.

TimeLog Extranet is designed for companies that work closely with their customers and want to strengthen their dialogues by sharing information on projects.

Using TimeLog Extranet, the customer can monitor projects, while you can provide documentation. For large companies, this is the perfect way to manage the delivery of services from your department (typically IT) to other departments. 

You decide what to divulge to the customer

TimeLog lets you choose which customers you want to allow access to your extranet. Each customer can log in from a browser, and you choose whether to grant access to all or select projects. 

Each project has a clear view with key figures, status reports, time tracking and invoices. You can also choose to show the number and/or value of registered and invoiced hours.

For international customers, you can choose to display the extranet in English, German, Swedish or Norwegian.

Log support cases using TimeLog Extranet

Your customers can also track current support cases and view previous ones. This saves time and resources otherwise spent on correspondence. Whenever there is an update to a support case in TimeLog Extranet, the other party is automatically notified. Shared access to support cases facilitates effective knowledge sharing, as no important emails are lost in your or the customer’s inboxes.

Presentation of TimeLog

20 minutes online walk-through in front of your screen.

Presentation of TimeLog