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TimeLog Features

  • Customise our default system to meet your needs
  • Create a strong foundation for the entire organisation
  • Support your processes to reach your targets
  • See all data in real time and avoid surprises

We support all processes in your company!

Time tracking

User-friendly time tracking in 6 different ways - discover the value of each single hour and invoice all your hours in the future.

Project management

Spend your time managing your projects and keep the full overview of the project finances.
 Keep track of your contribution margin and deadlines so both bottom line and customers are satisfied.

Automated project invoicing

Get a flexible and easy tool for managing your financial customer contracts.
 With TimeLog's contract management, you have an opportunity to create several contracts on the same project. 

Resource management

Create awareness of which resources are over or under-booked and what your expected earnings potential is for a given period of time.

Invoicing & finances

Invoice all hours and contracts with TimeLog and get a total financial overview of your projects.

Customer management

With status reports, budget overviews, Gantt charts and access to a customer extranet it is easy to keep the customer up to date on project status and progress.


With TimeLogs 80 different reports to choose from, you get
 an overview of your key figures in real time and on several levels without extracting reports from the financial system.


Save time by easily transferring data between your business systems with an integration or a flie transfer. It is even possible to build your own integration with TimeLog's API's.

HR and employee management

Manage salary data easily and keep track of flex, time off in lieu, holiday, illness and leaves while planning your projects.