Hour registration suited to your needs

Built to fit your needs and processes

With TimeLog, your employees can track time the way it suits them best. Your registrations are updated immediately, so you have insights in time consumption, resources and earnings.

The user-friendly and easy hour registration system

It may be difficult to get employees to fill out their timesheets. Therefore, our time tracking system is adapted to fit the single employee’s needs and working habits.

This means, that no matter if you prefer to track time online, via the app, desktop or integrated with Outlook, we automatically collect all hour registrations in one system.

This ensures you a full overview of projects, time consumption and it may increase your invoicing potential.

Time tracking app for the consultants on the go

For consultants spending their time at customers, it may be difficult to fit time tracking into the schedule. Especially, if the timesheet is an Excel sheet, which is saved somewhere on the computer. 

Instead, you can use our TimeLog Mobile app for time tracking, to make it easy for you to track time on the go or at the customer.


If you visit several customers a day, our TimeLog Mobile app is an easy way to register hours between the customer visits.

If you have all your hours at a single customer a day, it is also easy to log all hours in the time tracking app at the end of the day. You can also register absence, when there is illness or vacation, and at the same time register expenses and add receipts via the phone’s camera.

Do you need to track time on many different tasks during the day?

If you solve a lot of different tasks during the day in front of the computer, you can easily switch between the tasks in TimeLog.

With TimeLog Tracker for Desktop installed on your computer, you have direct access to all your projects and tasks, and you can use the stopwatch function to track time on the tasks while you work.


If you would rather have all you hour registration online, you can also make use of the stopwatch function in TimeLog for web browsers.

It is easy to edit hour registrations in the online timesheet, and you can enter the hours manually too.

Do you plan your workday in Outlook?

Many people run from one meeting to another or have their entire workday planned in Microsoft Outlook. To you, it makes good sense to transfer the appointments from Outlook directly to TimeLog.

Our time tracking for Outlook allows you to do that and automatically transfers future registrations to your resource management. In this way, you get an immediate overview of your financial forecast and workload.

If you work according to your Outlook calendar, the hour registration turns into a simple and integrated part of your employees’ workday.

Combine the methods which match each individual

When you use TimeLog, you decide how you would like to track your time. You can combine the different methods for hour registration to make it as easy as possible for both you at the office and you on the go.

TimeLog is constantly updated across the app for desktop, TimeLog in the web browsers, and our app for hour registration on the mobile. This ensures you a total overview of your time consumption. 

No matter how you register your hours, they all end up in the same system providing your real-time insights into projects and a waterproof invoicing potential.

Do you want a more time-specific way of tracking your task?

With TimeLog timestamps, you can set start and end times for your tasks or input your start time and start a time tracker. Timestamps also tells you between which hours the activity was performed, it helps you follow the 11-hour rest rule and to see if your employees are working over the normal hours.