The system that provides overview

Flexible hour registration system

In TimeLog, we use TimeLog for strategic hour registration as the foundation for growth.

We believe that the right-hour registration system can make all the difference on the bottom line, if it is used right and fits the company taking it into use. If hour registration is used strategically, you enhance decision-making and adaptability procedures when specific data replaces guesswork in everything from growth plans to project estimates.

An ideal tool for consultants

Our hour registration system and project management tool is of special relevance to companies, where time is the most important resource, both internally and externally. Therefore, a large part of TimeLog’s customers are from the IT and consultancy business, but also public organisations use well documented hour consumption to increase productivity and internal resource management, but also to better time estimate tasks in the long run and develop the employees’ competences. With a professional hour registration system you quickly and easily track all time, and in the long run you may gain:

Hour registration based on employee needs

In many places, hour registration is something that takes place at the end of the day based on an uncertain estimate. If hour registration comes in a user friendly package that both consider users using desktops, smartphones and tablets, and collect hours on an ongoing basis, it makes it easier to collect all information. Also when the employees are on the move.

With several different hour registration clients, you can adjust TimeLog Project to fit the needs of most employees. Thereby, it is easier for employees to ongoing track time, and you receive the right data for invoicing and analysis.