Hour/case management; Secure the correct invoicing basis

Hour/case management

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Manage your invocing basis

Quick and easy invoicing: get started with time registration in less than 30 seconds. Use simple time registration, or take it to the next level with easy hour/case management.

For many consultancy firms, particularly lawyers and auditors, detailed time registration and thorough project management is not necessary. Rather, they are content with a simple time registration system, in which they track time spent on customers for invoicing purposes.

Simple time tracking; in-depth functionality

Often, a simple hour/case management system will struggle to support deviations. Very few standard products on the market are equipped to handle deviations and multi-level projects simultaneously. With TimeLog Project, you can manage hours and cases alongside servicing those of your customers in need of more expansive time-consumption documentation – an element that is missing from most simple hour/case management systems.

Furthermore, the traditional hour/case management system is combined with a veritable project management system for all your time registration and invoicing needs. You also gain access to a wide range of financial analysis features, such as contribution margin per customer/project/employee and internal/external percentage.

This solution is a classic example of the TimeLog motto, Start simple – grow complex.

Integegration for salary and financial systems

With standard integrations for salary- and financial systems , you can save time on the daily administration, so you can spent the time on what you do best.

Presentation of TimeLog

20 minutes online walk-through in front of your screen.

Presentation of TimeLog

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