Save time on your invoices with invoice templates and simple approval 

Do you also spend too much time on invoicing every month? With One Click Invoicing, you can transform you invoice potential to booked invoices with just a few clicks across customers and projects. 

One Click Invoicing is an insanely powerful tool and it works really well. We save one day a month on invoicing.
Frederik Sandgrav CEO Sandgrav Solutions

This means that you reduce manual entry work, can quality assure your invoices and avoid sending e-mails back and forth.

With One Click Invoicing you can

Assign invoice templates to customers or projects, so you know that the customers receive the data they need on each invoice 

Turn registrations (time, expenses and mileage) into invoices in one smooth, automated process 

Get a common overview of the invoice potential and produce invoices for the entire month quick and easy

Invoice template

Provide the customers with the information they need 100% automated 

With One Click Invoicing you get a number of invoice templates. Link them to customers or projects, and TimeLog automatically collects the information you need for your invoices. 

Invoice template
Automated invoice process

Get a common overview and avoid coordination via mail 

It’s seldom the same person that approves and sends out the invoices. Get an overview of your invoice potential in one place and avoid internal coordination via e-mail or post-its. 

With TimeLog you go from invoice potential to booked invoices or vouchers with just a few clicks.

Automated invoice process

Benefits of invoicing with One Click Invoicing and invoice templates 

  • You save time. Customers who already use One Click Invoicing on average free up one workday a month when invoicing. 
  • You quality assure your invoices. With templates you ensure that you conform to the customers’ whishes related to invoices and communication. And it’s 100% automated. 
  • Lightning fast invoicing. You have a common overview of the month’s invoice potential. As soon as the drafts are approved, you can generate your invoices with just a few clicks – ready for your customers or finance system. 

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We support your entire invoicing process with custom integrations and APIs

You save time on controlling information in several systems and can automate workflows when you link your business systems. TimeLog integrates to more than 15 finance systems. Most integrations are free and you can set them up yourself. Therefore, you can easily transfer invoices to your finance system and you avoid double registrations and save time on controlling. 

Streamline the process from time tracking and expense handling to project management and invoicing
automate invoicing

Automated project invoicing

One Click Invoicing is just one of the features you get when investing in TimeLog. We continuously develop our solution to so you can keep track of your project economy and have the full financial overview.

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