Set a common course with the right project management tool

The right project management tool should be the facilitator that keeps the overview of work done, ensures everybody knows their tasks and that milestones and budgets are kept.

Simply speaking, the term project management is ”leading the way” for the team and plan how you reach your targets.

Performing a project managers tasks demands both personal competences from the manager, and also the right project management tool, that ensures that the manager can manage projects based on her/his needs. With TimeLogs project management tool, you get a tool that meets the manager’s demands, and not the bookkeeper’s.

Quality assurance creates results

Running projects is about avoiding overrunning budgets and deadlines. Therefore, it is possible to use a high level of quality assurance in TimeLog with exact delivery management. If the same projects are often repeated, you can make use of project templates and update them based on experience. In this way, you have a certain form of quality assurance in knowing that you develop your projects to everyone’s satisfaction, both your own and the customers’.


Strategic project management tool

Project management also includes managing your projects with your strategic targets in mind, which can be a difficult combination, if the right data and analyses are not available. In TimeLog, you do not need to setup Excel formulas, as we offer more than 80 default reports, which you can use to both keep track of the project portfolio and invoicing potential, but also to see how you are performing on a strategic level and if there is room for improvement.