Easy project management – from customer agreement to reporting

As a project manager, you are used to navigating complex waters. But many project managers spend more time on administration than project management because information like, e.g. time consumption, customer agreements, and project plans are collected from many different sources.

We want to help you spend the time where it adds the most value, namely by managing your projects efficiently.

Therefore, we collect all project data in one place, and you, among other things, get an overview of:

  • How many hours you have worked on a task
  • If you are ahead or behind on budgets or deadlines
  • The distribution of expected revenue

Once the project is completed, you can use the project data for analysis and for reporting, so you continuously get better at estimating time, price, and resource load for future projects.

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What makes project management in TimeLog different?

Time tracking is the motor in our business system, and you thereby know in real-time how many hours you worked on a task and at which hourly rate. At the same time, there is an array of other information linked to every single registered hour.

TimeLog provides you with the option to have a more methodological approach to project management. For example, you can save time by using project templates, so they contain tasks, budgets, milestones and employees from the beginning.

You get a visual overview with e.g. Gantt and colour charts, so you can always follow the current time consumption. And if there are signs that time schedules or budgets are off track, you get a notification, so you can act on it before it is too late.

The consultancy ProActive now has transparency in time registrations and the project portfolio.

When you collect all data in one place, you can manoeuvre even the most complex projects

You save administration time which you can use directly on value-creating project management as soon as you don’t need to collect data from different systems or make time-consuming calculations in Excel.

With status reports, you can handle the projects’ execution and progress. Using project forecasts, you can easily manage the task pipeline and book resources in the future to ensure that you are well-prepared.

Every offer is based on reliable time estimates, and we’re constantly improving our estimation skills based on our experience with TimeLog. The project factor is our guiding light, and we’re constantly mindful of not getting too red.
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Let project managers create the invoicing potential

Where invoicing is concerned, project managers often have better insight than the company’s finance function.

Revenue and invoice precision can often be increased if you allow project managers to handle invoicing in TimeLog and then allow the finance department to handle the rest.

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We make it easy for you to link your data

TimeLog is a complete business system supporting that consultancies can optimise internal work processes and strengthen your business. TimeLog integrates to several salary and accounting programs like

  • e-conomic
  • Microsoft Navision
  • Visma
  • Uniconta
  • Zenegy
  • Dinero

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You can also export data via our API or Excel.

10 benefits of online project management

  1. Project templates, so you save time and minimise the risk of errors each time you create a new project

  2. Notifications, if a project exceeds the time consumption or budget, so you are always on track

  3. Option to set up milestones, search employees or competencies and link them directly to projects

  4. Up to date overview of deadlines and tasks via Gantt chart and visual markers that show the project progress

  5. On the fly calculation of ”Estimated Time to Complete”, which intelligently indicate when you can expect to complete a project task

  6. Mix and match contract types: Your customer agreements (or contract types) vary from project to project, and in some projects, you maybe have more agreements. Therefore, you can mix and match contracts and subcontracts, and TimeLog offers eight different contracts as default

  7. Option for the project manager to create invoice drafts, so your bookkeeper has relevant information at the right time

  8. Project planning up to five levels and with different payment agreements, so you can collect everything in one project

  9. Calculation of work in process: The project managers can easily book their consumed hours as revenue, so you can follow work in process on the projects without access to the finance system

  10. Resource management, so the project manager can see resource plans for projects, teams or employees, get an overview of and easy planning compared to the employee capacity. Search for competencies and move hours between employees, if you need to, and see the expected revenue based on your bookings

Stay ahead of competitors with a winning project culture

Are you ready to gain an even better project overview, let go of post-its and unnecessary administration time?

We help you get started from the first meeting to efficient implementation. We have more than 21,200 users that create 91,000+ new projects each year - so you are in safe hands.

Our onboarding offers:

  • The opportunity to have tailored workshops where we together share knowledge to reach your optimal setup
  • Online onboarding via how-to articles and videos in our Help Center
  • Interactive guides in the system, so you can quickly train new employees
  • Courses (online and on-site) and online support help you reap all the benefits from using the system

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