Project planning

Efficient project planning

Make project planning manageable and efficient with a number of advanced tools.

Project planning with TimeLog eases your work procedures, as the project manager does not have to spend time on administrative tasks, but can focus on the most essential – meeting the objectives and goals of the project.

All tasks can be created based on default settings and projects, so you only need to change the exceptions.


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With TimeLog’s project planning you moreover can:

  • Make detailed budgets for both project and employee
  • Add resources directly on task and project level
  • Use the ETC function to make a quick time estimation on the tasks and at the same time strengthen the internal knowledge sharing
  • Compare performance on both project and task level across all projects
  • Search for employees and/or competences and add them directly to the project
  • Manage hourly rates and currencies per project

WBS as framework for project planning

WBS is short for Work Breakdown Structure. The expression covers a method, where you divide the projects in sub-tasks. In TimeLog, you can divide the project plan hierarchically in up to five levels. In this way, it becomes easier to estimate the size of the project.

In addition, you can make use of milestones to keep an eye on your deadlines and whether you reach them or not.

Several contracts in the same project

It is possible to combine several contract types on the same projects, and with a easily manageable contract page as point of departure, you can easily assess the progress on your projects. On a fixed price project, you may e.g. need extra tasks, when unexpected tasks appear, and you may need to settle them on a time and material basis with a different hourly rate.

You can also define your self, if the tasks should be billable or not, something that increases the flexibility in larger and more complex customer projects. Billability can be added on both task and project level, and you have the option for both simple and advanced hourly rate management.

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