Project reporting

Comprehensive project reporting

With TimeLog, project reporting does not have to be a chore that takes up a large amount of time and must be consolidated in different Excel reports.

Project managers are often humans of action, who would rather spend time on work that contribute to the progress of the project and create results for the customer and the bottom line than on administrative tasks.

The project manager role, however, is also requested to keep track of the administrative tasks and keep an eye on project plans, resources and budgets and project reporting to the management team, the customer and other stakeholders; ideally with minimum time consumption.

Project reporting meeting the project manager’s needs

It can be challenging to have a manageable project reporting meeting the customer’s, finance department’s, management team’s and project manager’s needs. Often, the project manager’s needs are disregarded, but with our project reporting, we take our point of departure in the project manager’s demands, which are to have an effective and intuitive project reporting tool without having to compromise on other stakeholder’s needs.

Manageable reports

With our project reporting, the project manager only needs a few minutes to retrieve exact reports, which document progress, budget status and ETC (Estimated Time to Completion). An example is the project portfolio report, which shows the entire company's project activity in one screen shot.

Export data

The Gantt charts in TimeLog’s project reporting are priceless tools for visualisation during the planning of the projects and later to follow the progress. Data from the project reporting can be exported to other programmes and formats, e.g. Microsoft Excel or XML, and integrated with other systems through our Reporting API.

The value of project reporting may be hard to measure, but a strong project reporting provide management focus and at the same time you know if you keep deadlines and budgets, and if your resources are used at the right projects.

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