Project templates

Project management as easy as ABC

Project templates are the perfect tool for you, if you often repeat the same tasks on your projects.

Do you work based on a certain project model, or do you often perform the same tasks for each of your customers?

Then you can create one or more project templates based on different customer agreements and internal demands for reporting.

By using our project templates, you ease the daily administration, and you avoid to worry about you and your colleagues forgetting data and setups on new projects. It creates an increased quality assurance in your project portfolio.


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The benefits of using project templates:

  • Make it easy to standardise and streamline your company
  • It is time saving in the daily work for project managers
  • Everybody in the company quickly recognise methods and checklists, no matter which project they are working on
  • Easy to update an existing project template with changes
  • Select which existing projects that were based on your template to update with your changes
  • Create project templates for aftersales of your services and build your projects as LEGO bricks, so you gather all work in one project instead of creating a new one

Changes to your existing projects

We know from experience that you at some point need to edit your project templates. You might e.g. expand your product portfolio with new services, which you also need to track time on, or maybe you change the settlement type on a project.

We have therefore made it easy for you to change your project templates and at the same time update your existing projects based on the adjusted project template. You select if all or only single projects should be updated with the changes, and we off course take the customer specific hourly rates for each project into account. It helps to streamline your business without extra manual updates of your projects.

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