Key figures – when you need them

TimeLog offers more than 80 management reports to ensure you always have a clear view of your company’s performance.

Be honest; how many managers actually know the following:

  • How many hours does each employee spend working internally and externally?
  • How many hours has each consultant invoiced during the past month?
  • How good is each project manager at staying within budget limits?
  • How many resources have been spent on development, sales, customer meetings, etc.?
  • How busy is each department or employee?
  • Which projects are included in the company portfolio?

Using TimeLog’s management reports, project finances are measurable, transparent and feature employee cost rates, estimated revenue and realised revenue. These reports provide you with the tools to reach informed decisions regarding your company’s performance and provide a clear view of everything from the smallest of processes to the entire company panorama.

It is also possible for the project manager to easily report relevant data to the management team. TimeLog makes it easy to keep track of the project’s project plan, spent hours, resources and budgets with a minimal time consumption for the project manager.

There are different types of management reports in TimeLog, grouped after five different information requirements.

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Set up employee KPIs

Most consultancy firms have a performance-based bonus scheme. Entering consultant budgets into TimeLog, you can view agreed KPIs. This ensures that management and consultants alike can monitor each week’s development in the form of a graphic representation of real-time budgets and realised values and objectives.

New insight – new possibilities

Once you have gathered data from TimeLog for a few months, new possibilities in management reporting will arise. An image of your company’s activities starts to form, enabling you to monitor statuses and navigate accordingly.

Depending on your industry and organisation, you choose which management reports are most relevant. But as TimeLog offers a wide range of focused information, your needs will almost surely be met. And if not, you can always export the data of your choice for analysis to Microsoft Excel, or use our Reporting API to create management reports.