Resource load

How stressed are your resources?

Getting an overview of your resource situation can be challenging in a busy everyday life. Get the full overview in our resource planner.

As point of departure, TimeLog automatically calculates work loads per employee per task. The workload for each event will then be distributed evenly from start to finish.

But often reality is another matter; For example, if a lengthy project is put on hold or during peak periods. Using the TimeLog resource planner, you can overrule the system’s calculated workload and even have it apply to the project’s budget, thus maintaining synchronisation and updates of overview, budget and schedule.

Static and dynamic work load

The workload in projects is typically dynamic, i.e. it requires more and more work from employees the longer they go without attending to tasks that will need completion at a given point in time.

Operational tasks are often static. An employee who is e.g. in charge of ongoing server management or attending regular weekly meetings is not becoming increasingly busy from not finishing the event or time tracking it.

To secure an optimal and efficient resource management, you may indicate if the tasks are dynamic or static. Hereafter, TimeLog provides an accurate picture of the work load in the company.

Schedule follow-ups

Often the biggest challenge in using IT resource management solutions is not scheduling but rather how to manage sudden changes.

In addition to the resource planner, the TimeLog resource module contains a tool for evaluating work schedules. The tool is aimed at the process of continuously following up on agreed weekly plans for each employee; A management model often used in SCRUM projects.

The tool is based on work booked per week using the resource planner, which is compared with registered work for the same week. This makes follow-ups on the completion of booked events easy, and it shows non-booked events which a given employee has worked on in a given week.

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