Salary time management

Easy management of salary time

Give your employees an easy solution for handling salary time in order for them to save time and get a better overview in their daily lives.

Supporting different rules for different agreements regarding time off in lieu, overtime, holidays and absence, TimeLog’s salary time management is perfect for collective agreements and employees paid by the hour. Your can e.g. create salary codes, so the employees can register the first eight hours of weekend work as 50% extra hours of time off in lieu, while subsequent hours worked count for 100% extra.

Track your employees’ flex and time off in lieu

For employees and management, TimeLog offers weekly reports showing the amount of time off in lieu, and whether the flex balance is above or below agreed working hours.

There are several ways to manage salary time. Either by using an online punch clock or extend the timesheet with a salary time section. For each employee, you can decide which option should be available.

This makes the collection of work time more flexible, as e.g. the administrative staff works in a different way than the workers on the factory floor.

Salary time in the timesheet

If the company does not need to track employee attendance, we offer a timesheet with salary time registration. The employee simply enters how many of their total working hours are regular working hours and distributes the rest on predefined salary codes. This way, TimeLog manages the employee’s time off in lieu and flex, while TimeLog handles project hours and billable hours.

Transfer data to the salary system

To make the salary management even easier, we offer a file export to different salary systems, so you do not need to enter salary data manually. We also have an API for file integration, where you can build your own file export, if you have special requirements.

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