HR + Time tracking. See which features make HR go wild

Staff and HR

  • Approval flow for time tracking
  • Easy holiday scheduling and flex management
  • Approval flow for travel expenses and outlays
  • Reports for salary times, flex and absence
  • Export salary data to your financial system


Save time on administration

TimeLog offers a wide range of features to facilitate staff administration.

TimeLog features a range of tools to handle flex, time off in lieu, holidays, sickness and leave. It makes the salary and holiday scheduling processes far easier to manage. Employees and management alike will benefit from reports on working hours, absence and holidays.

You can also:

  • Create your own absence codes to match the salary codes in your financial system
  • Export reports on salary time and absence to Excel or XML formats, for quick import into your financial system
  • Register all holidays in TimeLog for graphic presentation including individual employee holidays and other absence
  • View sickness periods in a graphic overview, making it easy to keep track of employee absence

Register expenses and travel expenses

Expenses and travel expenses registered in TimeLog are linked to either an internal project or a customer project. Once the expenses have been registered, you need to select whether they are employee or company expenses. You will then be reimbursed for your personal expenses and have the opportunity to reinvoice the customer. For travel expenses, you can register mileage, allowances, accommodation and similar expenses. Print an overview in TimeLog, and attach vouchers for handing in expenses and travel expenses to the financial department. 

Approve and reinvoice expenses

In TimeLog, you can set up processes for the approval and reconciliation of registered expenses. If you are a manager and need to approve expenses and travel expenses, you can also decide whether to invoice them. Expenses and travel expenses to be invoiced can be reinvoiced with a profit to ensure that internal and external costs are separated.

Furthermore, you can import expenses from e.g. your financial system directly into TimeLog, offering a clear view of project costs.

Advanced salary management using TimeLog Salary

The salary time management expansion provides a more advanced means of managing salaries. For companies who need to register employee working hours, TimeLog offers an in/out registration feature that works just like a punch clock. Employees log in when they meet for work, and log out when they leave. Afterwards, they can distribute their hours on the projects of the day.

If it is too detailed, and you just need flex in connection with collective agreements, this type of salary time can be selected via an expansion of the weekly timesheet.

Integrate your financial system!

Se which financial systems and other systems you can link to TimeLog.

Presentation of TimeLog

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