Time tracking for iPhone and Android smartphones

Time tracking for iPhone and Android smartphones

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Easy time tracking on your smartphone

Convenient time tracking equals more frequent time tracking – and more precise invoicing. Perfect for on-the-go users, TimeLog Tracker is available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Ever needed a highly flexible and exceptionally user-friendly time tracking tool? Look no further. TimeLog Tracker is available as an add-on to TimeLog free of charge, allowing you the freedom to track your time whenever, wherever.

Time tracking app for iPhone and Android smartphones

Many consultants spend many hours a week away on customer meetings or working as external resources for other departments. How much time is spent riding in taxis or attending sales meetings? And how much of this time is actually billable? With the TimeLog Tracker app, time tracking is over and done within a few taps, making time tracking an at-your-fingertip functionality.

The benefit of on-the-go tracking is that every minute is actually tracked adding up to more billable hours. Normally, time spent on these activities is not tracked, as employees don’t usually track minor changes occurring in their work day. After just a few weeks of using this app, however, chances are that the invoicing percentage of the employee in question will increase.

Integrated with TimeLog

TimeLog Tracker for iPhone and Android smartphones updates your time tracking, synchronising it with other time tracking in TimeLog using your smartphone’s Internet connection, making the app an extra way of tracking your time.

See contact persons and find your way

Apart from time tracking, the app has access to the database with customers and contact persons including their addresses and contact information. By taking advantage of the hardware on the phone, you can e.g call a customer directly from the app when you are on the move – or find your way using the GPS and map function on your phone. In this way you can easily and quickly contact the customer, if you are delayed. You can also download the most used contacts to your personal phone book on your phone.

Online and offline time tracking

 In the app, simply choose a project or an event, and click the Play button to start tracking time. If your smartphone is unable to connect to the Internet, the app saves your time tracking for system synchronisation when you have a connection. At TimeLog, we call this smart tracking.

Lot of minutes may be lost during a normal work day, but with TimeLog Tracker you can log them all.
Christoffer Lanstorp
Head of It & Developement

Presentation of TimeLog

20 minutes online walk-through in front of your screen.

Presentation of TimeLog

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