TimeLog Mobile - track hours, expenses and mileage on the go.

Say goodbye to tedious registrations

Easy time tracking

Now it is extremely simple to add all hours into TimeLog. In less than 30 seconds your consultants can log all their hours and absence at home or on the go.

Don't let late registrations get you down.

Try TimeLog Mobile today!

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All expenses in one place

Your consultants no longer need to track their expenses in multiple systems each time they buy a ferry ticket or a meal. With TimeLog Mobile, they can track all expenses in one single app (release January).


All expenses in one place

Mileage registration

Simple mileage registration

With easy entry of mileage and travel time, your consultants never again need to add their old squiggles in spreadsheets (release early 2019).

TimeLog Mobile will get even better!

Keep track of every minute with tracker

How much time did I spend on that meeting? From January, your consultants can track time with TimeLog Mobile’s tracker function. With a single click, they can start and stop time tracking and make exact time registrations in your system (release early 2019).


Use Maps for mileage

Our development team work hard to make it even easier to track mileage. From January, your consultants can use the maps functionality to automatically track their travel time and mileage when visiting customers (release early 2019).