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Even the most inveterate opponent of time registration and administrative work was wildly impressed by how easy and nice it is.
Michael Rasmussen Partner Carve Consulting
Timesheet - one place for all hours

No more spreadsheets and patchwork solutions One timesheet to record time on all tasks, clients and projects

Is your everyday life filled with timesheets for many different clients or projects?

With TimeLog, you only need one timesheet for everything.

You can easily find and register time for all your clients, projects and tasks in the same timesheet.

And you get an easy overview of everything you've logged time on during the week.

With all your hours in one place, you don't have to find and add up your hours from several different timesheets at the end of the week.

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Timesheet - one place for all hours
Fast track timesheet

Quick search on customers, projects and tasks Find the right task to register on - fast

When you need to register time, don't waste time looking for the right customer or the right project to register on.

That's why we've built a fast-track search into your timesheet, so you can find the right project, customer, or task fast.

In the fast track you can also:

  • quickly leave a comment on the registration
  • choose if it should be billable
  • or start a live timer if you have just started the task

The faster and easier you find the right place - the more accurate your time records will be (psst... and it shows on the bottom line).


Fast track timesheet
TimeLog gives us a really good overview of the core business - our time and finances.
Frederik Sandgrav CEO Sandgrav Solutions

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On the timesheet, employees can see holiday and flextime

Absence, flextime and holidays Easy overview for all employees

Do you also send e-mails to the bookkeeper to see how many days of holiday you have earned?

You don't have to anymore!

In the TimeLog timesheet you get a good overview of:

  • How many hours you have on your weekly time sheet compared to your standard time
  • How many holiday days you have earned and how much holiday you have planned
  • How much flextime you have saved up

With a good overview, you can manage your own planning - without troublesome emails.

On the timesheet, employees can see holiday and flextime
Detailed online timesheet gives more details

Go more into detail Get day-to-day overview of billable hours

How much can I actually invoice this week?

In the detailed timesheet you get a good overview of the distribution between registered hours and hours you can invoice.

You can also follow your records from day to day - including comments you've made - and you can pick up where you left off on yesterday's tasks with the live tracker.

Detailed online timesheet gives more details
Send in timesheet easy

Approve hours without emails, post-its and spreadsheets Submit your weekly statement - simply

Did you remember to submit your weekly statement? Or are you the person who has to collect timesheets from your colleagues?

In TimeLog's timesheet, you are just one button away from submitting your timesheet.

And your hours instantly show up at your accountant, project manager or supervisor for approval or invoicing.

(Pssst... Did you know you can also submit timesheets from your mobile with a quick swipe?)



Send in timesheet easy

Register time the way that suits you best

With TimeLog, you can register hours in several different ways.

We have a system that allows us to record time and expenses in real time - including via the app. It's easy for staff to record on the go, and it makes us trust the data coming in more.
Christian Braad CEO Type2Dialog

Good data = good insight Get an overview of your entire business with TimeLog

Do you find it difficult to keep track:

  • How much you can bill your customers?
  • How is the progress and economy of your projects going?
  • Which clients and projects do you make money on?
  • How good is your billing rate, contribution margin, and how loaded are your employees?

Then, TimeLog is for you

Because with easy time recording comes the opportunity for both a quick overview and deep insight into the entire company - without cobbling together timesheets in Excel!

See what insights you can get with TimeLog here ->

Lots of integrations Send hours to your payroll or ERP system

Has it become (tedious) routine for you to enter hours into your finance system and compile invoices from numerous, obscure timesheets?

TimeLog collects all hours on the right customers and projects and puts them on invoice tabs.

You can always see where the hours are coming from, and when you're happy, you can send all the invoice files from TimeLog into your finance system - ready for final invoicing.

This saves both days of billing - and ensures you don't lose billable hours in the process.

If you need to manage pay, it's just as simple to pull all hours - including absences, holidays, expenses, and travel - into the payroll system.

Find your system among our integrations here ->


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