Time tracking – keep track of projects and tasks

With time tracking for your company, you keep track of work time, tasks, projects, customers and invoicing.

Time tracking software is important when you want to document tasks, projects and work hours. But it also forms the foundation to create a stronger consultancy with a 100% overview of your internal processes, projects, and financials.

Since TimeLog was established in 2001, our goal has been to provide companies with an efficient tool to keep track of time and thereby develop their business.

With time tracking from TimeLog you get

  • Flexible and intuitive time tracking: You can choose if you want to use our time tracking app for mobile, the manageable timesheet, the Outlook integration or our online time tracker

  • More profitable projects: See time consumption for every single task, project, customer (or own employees and department). That way you always know how many hours are tracked, estimated revenue on the project and how many hours you have already invoiced

  • Increased invoicing percentage and profits, because you ensure all hours are tracked

  • Financial key figures in real-time and advanced reporting: Learn invoicing percentage, the distribution of internal and external time, illness and absence percentages, project margins and more

  • Free integration to your salary and accounting systems like Microsoft Business Central, e-conomic, Dinero, Visma DataLøn, Fortnox – or via our API so, you can save time and digitalise work processes

  • Easier salary management, vacation, flex and absence handling, bonus calculations and mileage and expense management

Besides time tracking, you get project management, invoicing, reporting, resource management and much more.

TimeLog PSA is an integrated business system, which helps you improve your internal processes and connect the company.

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Time tracking should not take your time

If you have not used time tracking before, you maybe consider how you get your employees to do track time. To get a successful implementation of a new system, it is crucial that it is easy and fast to track time, and that the system supports your needs and work processes.

Only in this way, you get the hours in the bank that provide the exact data to form the foundation for an increased invoicing percentage and insights into your business.

Each company has different needs - so track time as you want:

Time tracking app

Mobile app: Track time, mileage and expenses on the go

With our mobile app you can register

Time tracking app
TimeLog Tracker

TimeLog for Desktop - PC & Mac Add precision to your time tracking

Register time while working on your Mac or PC 

  • Get an intelligent task search engine that will save you time and effort
  • Easily edit, delete and update the registrations
  • Register absence and expenses
  • Select if your planned task is billable or not, when you create it
TimeLog Tracker
Time tracking integrated with Outlook calendar

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook Transfer your planning in Outlook to TimeLog

With our Microsoft Outlook integration, you can

  • See hour registrations made in Microsoft Outlook in your weekly timesheet
  • Choose if your planned meeting is billable or not when you plan it in Outlook
  • If you delete a planned meeting in Outlook, the hour registration is also deleted in TimeLog
  • See revenue forecast on your future meetings in TimeLog

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Time tracking integrated with Outlook calendar
Time tracking in time sheet showing each day, week or month

Online timesheet Get a quick overview

Our online timesheet provides you an overview of the entire day, week or month

>Get a quick overview of all the ways you can track time with TimeLog

Time tracking in time sheet showing each day, week or month

Intuitive software; in-depth reporting

In TimeLog, each single time registration has many dimensions linked to it. They include:

  • Internal cost price
  • Sales price (both for projects on time & material and fixed price)
  • Invoiced value
  • Employee function
  • Customer
  • Business area

This means that a simple time registration provides in-depth documentation for both management, employees and customers.

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Better communication and optimised internal processes

The system is tailored to every single user, so you get access to the information you need.

With TimeLog, it becomes easier for the employees to engage in the projects, because they have clear insights into how time tracking affects budgets and projects.

Access to personal and total time budgets at the same time contributes to strengthened communication about your projects, which will increase efficiency and job satisfaction in the long run.

RackPeople increased invoicing percentage from 70% to 99.9%
> Case: Invoicing increased with 43%

We help you get started

Are you ready to let go of old-fashioned timesheet, troublesome schemes taking forever to fill out and Excel? Then we are ready to help you with a successful implementation. And with more than 20 years of experience, you are in good hands.

Our onboarding services include 

  • Option for tailored workshops where we find your optimal setup together with you
  • Online onboarding via how-to articles and videos in our Help Center
  • Interactive guides in the system, minimising the time for internal training and support
  • Courses (online and on-site), knowledge sharing groups and online support all help you get the most out of your investment

Ready to optimise your business?  

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