TimeLog’s contract college for consultants

The course is aimed at consultants, project managers or supervisors who want to learn more about how their company can invoice more accurately.

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Course contents

A business within a business

Let’s start with the most important thing: Your Mindset! Søren Lund, founder of TimeLog, introduces you to the most important KPIs for consultants. He also presents a practical approach to integrating them in all areas of your company.

Put the right price on your projects

Fixed price or time & material? The payment model you choose can define your profits. Senior Consultant Marianne Hünersen presents an overview of the payment models used by consultants.

Take control of customer contracts

Christoffer Lanstorp, Head of Product Management, helps you take control of your customer contracts. Learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls when it comes to project invoicing.

Automate your invoicing

Sascha Skydsgaard, CSO, shows you how to narrow the gap between your finance and project departments so you can invoice faster, more accurately and automatically.

Your take-away:

  • Improved knowledge of contracts, payment models and KPIs, served up in four easily digestible portions.

  • This translates into the shortest possible path from knowledge to action.

  • The lessons are taught by experts with years of experience and a finger on the pulse when it comes to insight into work processes and projects for consultancy companies.

Learn from leading experts

Meet your teachers!

Søren Lund


With more than 20 years of experience in business development, Søren is way ahead of the pack when it comes to defining how consultancy companies can use PSA software to optimise work processes and develop their business.

Marianne Hünersen

Senior Implementation Consultant

Marianne has over 20 years of experience with finance and accounting. At TimeLog, she is responsible for implementing the solution for new customers. As she says: “I never let customers go before they’re up and running.”

Christoffer Lanstorp

Product Strategist

Christoffer has been the brains behind the development of TimeLog for the past 13 years. Backed by a clear vision, he has been the driving force behind TimeLog’s development from a time registration solution to a “best of breed” PSA system.

Sascha Skydsgaard

Chief Sales Officer

Sascha brings unique 360-degree insight to the consultancy and guidance industry that supplies TimeLog’s customer base. So she is perfectly qualified to shake up your company’s old habits. Because where is it written that invoicing starts with the finance department?


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Each lesson contains a short assignment or a suggestion for how to operationalise your new knowledge, so you can progress swiftly from input to output.

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