Increase your billable hours

Get a guide with recommendations of how you can  increase your billable hours with accurate time tracking.

The guide contains info regarding; the cost of lost billable hours, recommendations, the cost of reconstructing time and simply guessing.

What does the guide contain?




Avoid letting your revenue slip away

Can you guess the typical reasons why revenue slips between your fingers?

We give you several possible solutions, so you can earn up to DKK 320,000 more per employee annually.


It is not enough just to register your time

Do you remember what you got for lunch last Tuesday? Probably not. And I bet you can not remember how much time you spent on the phone either.

Get tips to improve the accuracy of your time tracking.


What do the lost hours cost you?

Our workplace is full of disruptions, interruptions and sub-tasks.

Get to know the typical time robbers who steal your revenue - and learn how to steer clear of them.