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Professional Services Automation (or PSA software) is gaining momentum as the consultancy industry’s most vital IT tool.

In a constantly competitive industry, it is crucial for companies to clean out chaotic, manual work processes and steer their projects towards a solid profit.

Read this guide if you want to…

💡Keep up to date on the most important software for the consultancy industry, if you want to run a smooth, predictable and profitable business

🆚Distinguish between full suite and best of breed software
- and why it is crucial for your company

🧐Gain insights into your own company’s needs and set up a specific ROI on a PSA software investment



But what is PSA software?

Get the answer in the guide which also answers questions like:

  • Who benefits most from PSA software?
  • Why do you need to know the difference between best of breed and full suite PSA?
  • When is it relevant to consider an investment [you get a checklist]?
  • What does the ROI for a company with 25 consultants look like?

Download the guide and get answers to everything you need to know about PSA software.




Has your company outgrown manual work processes?

If your company has lost the overview of things like:

  • Who in the project group does what, when?
  • Did we invoice all the projects?
  • How big/small is the contribution margin on our projects?
  • What is our customer portfolio and where do we earn our money?
  • When can I book the consultants I need for my project?

... Well, then you should at least take a look at PSA software that can help you streamline the overview and clean out your chaotic, manual work processes.




Add specific value to how PSA software can help you

From SPI Research' comprehensive 2020 Professional Services Industry Maturity Benchmark we know that companies using PSA on average increase their invoicing percentage with 4.8 percentage points.

In the guide you find an example of what this means in additional revenue for a company with 25 consultants + the typical costs of implementing PSA software.

You can use the ROI calculation model in the guide for your own company to see, if PSA software can help you.



Before TimeLog, everyone registered time in vastly different ways. But then we introduced rules for how to register time - a time registration paradigm - and together with a new management focus, it increased the invoicing basis 384% over 16 months.
Søren Anderberg CEO Venzo Analytics



Who is behind the guide?

TimeLog was founded in 2001 and has helped thousands of companies run a better business with PSA software. We want to share this knowledge with you.

22.000 users use TimeLog everyday

24.000.000 hours were registered by our customers in 2019

+800 customers
in +85 countries



TimeLog helps us have an accurate plan for the next week and gives us n idea of what resources are in demand, who is overbooked for a long period of time, who we can lean on, and what resources we can then pull on.
Nicolai Wichmann Partner Frankly