How does your company perform compared to similar companies within the professional services industry?

The annual Professional Services Maturity Benchmark is recognised as the industry's most thorough study. It benchmarks 709 international companies based on their KPIs.



Increase your profit with SPI's maturity model

The maturity model is divided into five levels. It maps out the factors that sets the best-performing companies apart from the rest.

See results quickly

Only 5% of all companies in the survey have reached the highest maturity level. However, the good news is that you can increase your profits by up to 200% just by moving from level one to level two. 



Does the consultancy industry earn money on projects again?

As a consultancy, it is crucial that your projects are profitable. Still, this is a struggle for many companies. 

But what are the decisive factors when it comes to increasing the project contribution ratio?

See the 5-year trend for profit margin, differences in profit depending on the companies’ maturity levels and get inspiration to how you increase the profit on your projects.