Overcome CFO pitfalls when going global

Gain insights on currency management, reporting and scaling to avoid common pitfalls and save time when going global.

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  • Learn how to create a smooth and reliable workflow when working with and reporting in multiple currencies
  • Get inspiration on which KPIs to use when your company is operating across different countries and cultures
  • See how to ensure consistency and keep the overview even when you have various local systems

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It's in English and free of charge.

We wanted to use one system and process across countries – that’s key. So, we switched to TimeLog for a holistic view that included the finance side. With TimeLog, we have one source of truth for everyone.
Arti Mittagunta Director of Business Systems Transformation, Symetri

This webinar is relevant for you as the CFO of an international company who seeks:

  • Insights into how other CFOs ensure an efficient process around their financial reporting
  • Inspiration on which KPIs other CFOs measure across their international business
  • Knowledge of which systems you can look into that support multi-currency reporting

Meet your speakers

Mathias Pilhage is the Group CFO of Mercuri International, which has clients in over 50 countries. 

Mathias has previously worked at IBS AB where he held business controller positions, lastly as Head of Group Finance. Mathias holds a MSc in Business and Economics from Växjö University.

Christian Hempler is TimeLog's very own CFO

Christian has 25 years of experience in financial management from his time as Senior Director of Group Controlling at Lundbeck, Head of Business Finance & Performance Management at ISS A/S and currently as CFO at TimeLog.