Are the consultants still thriving?

Get the results from the world's largest benchmark of the consulting industry. After a year of economic crisis, war and general slowdown, how did the consulting industry cope in 2022? Live the 28th of march 2023.


Webinar: The Service Performance Insight Benchmark 2023 has arrived

Get a deep dive into what separates the top from the bottom, get insight into the consulting industry's essential KPIs and get inspiration on how your consultancy can increase competitiveness, growth and control in 2023.

In 45 minutes, you'll learn:

  • Revenue growth, bottom line, realised hourly rate, and attrition: What separated top from bottom in the consulting industry in 2022?

  • Operational excellence: How does your company turn more competitive, and which internal processes do you need to focus on?

  • Consulting survey: How do you measure up to the industry standards, and what characterizes your maturity level?

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Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is relevant for all CxOs in the consulting industry.

It does not matter if you already keep track of your internal processes, work stringently to reach specific KPIs or if you are looking for inspiration on how to increase your competitiveness... This webinar is for you.


You will also:

Receive the complete SPI Benchmark 2023 + our maturity test. Altogether valued at DKK 13,700.

See how other consulting companies perform on essential KPIs

Get access to our maturity model so you can map your strengths and weaknesses, to understand exactly where you need to optimize

Meet your hosts:

Per-Henrik Nielsen

CEO, TimeLog

Per Henrik Nielsen, aka Pelle, er CEO i TimeLog.

Per Henrik Nielsen, aka Pelle, is CEO in TimeLog. With more than 20 years of international experience, among others, as VP and Head of Consulting at Ericsson, Pelle guarantees that TimeLog takes its own medicine and continuously works to boost our maturity.

Sofie Hermansen

CMO, TimeLog

Chief Marketing Officer with 10+ years of experience with IT and marketing.

Sofie never compromises on her sense of humour when she enriches your knowledge about invoicing, time tracking, automation or, e.g. digitalisation.