Patch notes October 2013 - TimeLog Project

Fast track patch notes 5.8.009

New feature: Link on Milestones

The project module has been extended with the option to add a link on milestones. With links on milestones it will be possible to refer to relevant information regarding the exact milestone directly to the milestone responsible.

This feature is activated in the System Administration > Project settings.


Once the links are activated you can add a link under new/edit milestone by clicking “Add link” and type the wanted URL in the input field.


The link will be available in the notifications panel on the milestone responsible employee front page.


Please notice that the notification must be activated in the setup of the main menu in the system administration.




Task information in resource planner

The resource planer interface has been extended with the option to show the task information.


Once the option is activated the little "i” icon will be visible in front of the tasks. If you click on the icon the information about the task is shown in a pop-up window.



Customer information on Payment Plans – overview

The report ”Payment plan – overview” has been extended with an option to show customer information in the report result.



When the option is activated, the projects are arranged by customers. The customer's name and customer no. are available in the report and it is possible to navigate to the customer by clicking on its name or number.



Sorting of support cases in extranet and task no. in ”Data Extraction: Tasks”

Further two minor fast track cases have been released in this version.

The default sorting of support cases on extranet has been corrected, so the cases are sorted after support case number as the underlying basis.

The report ”Data Extraction: Tasks” has been extended with a column to show the task no. if the task no. is activated in the project setting.

Customer requests?

In TimeLog we work hard to make TimeLog Project better and easier to use. 

We have a concept we call “Fast Track”. Each week we dedicate one full working day of a developer to develop minor features requested by the users. The concept is called Fast Track for two reasons:

1. If an idea is good enough it should be fast to get it through development. 
2. A Fast Track task needs to be of a size that makes it fast to develop. This means that we must be able to complete the task in less than one day’s work. 


To suggest an idea for development send an email to

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