TimeLog patch notes 5.8.008.an

Patch release note for version 5.8.008

New feature: Internal note on invoices

We have now extended a customer specific adjustment to be standard in TimeLog Project. The new feature lets you create internal notes on invoices.

The internal notes are usable in the invoicing process if the person responsible for the invoicing needs to convey a message to others that handle the already created invoice - or if there are any concerns regarding the invoice which must be remembered later.

This feature is activated in the System Administration > Invoice Settings. 

Patch Note 1


When the new feature is activated, a new field for internal notes will then show on the invoice:

Patch Note 2


When searching an invoice (Project Administration > Search invoice) a new icon will show next to the list of results. The icon is either grey (when there's no internal note) or yellow (when a new note has been created):

 Patch Note 3


By clicking the yellow note icon (the pen and paper) the internal note will be shown in a pop up text box:

Patch Note 4



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