User guides for TimeLog Project

User guides

General use Team Business Enterprise
Logging in to TimeLog Project
TimeLog Project Main Menu
TimeLog Project’s User Interface
Shortcuts/Hotkeys in TimeLog Project
Personal Profile Maintenance
TimeLog Project’s Search Feature
Date and Time in TimeLog Project
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Time tracking Team Business Enterprise
Tracking Time in the Weekly Timesheet
Tracking Time in the Detailed Timesheet
Editing Registered Time in the Detailed Timesheet
Submitting a Timesheet for Approval
Weekly Timesheet – Overview
Detailed Timesheet – Overview
TimeLog Mobile
User-defined Timesheet
Tracking of In/out working hours with TimeLog Salary
Distributing in/out working hours on the weekly timesheet
Distributing working hours under Salary Specification on the weekly timesheet
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TimeLog Tracker Team Business Enterprise
Installing TimeLog Tracker
Tracking Time with TimeLog Tracker
Editing Registered Time in TimeLog Tracker
TimeLog Tracker for iPhone, setup and time tracking
TimeLog Tracker for iPhone, syncronisation of customers and contacts
TimeLog Tracker for Android, installation and setup
Tracking Time with TimeLog Tracker for Android
TimeLog Tracker for Android, synchronisation of customers and contacts
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Registering expenses Team Business Enterprise
Creating a Travel Expense Report
Entering Expenses
Printing and Submitting Expense Reports
Approving Expenses
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Employee reports Team Business Enterprise
Key Performance Index Report
Employee Project Plans
Viewing Employee’s Allocated and Registered Time
Employee Flex Balance
Employee Absence Specification
User-defined Time Report
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Customer search and creation Team Business Enterprise
Creating a New Customer
Creating a New Contact
Importing Customers and Contacts
E-mails in Customers and Contacts/CRM
Accessing SharePoint documents via customer cards
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Holiday Team Business Enterprise
Calendar Overview
Reading the Company Calendar
The Company Holiday Calendar
Reading the Personal Holiday Calendar
Planning Personal Holidays
Creating a New Holiday Year for Employees
Copying the Company Holiday Calendar
Creating a Public Holiday Calendar
Editing Public Holiday Calendars
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Project administration Team Business Enterprise
Creating a new project
Breaking Down a Project into Tasks and Activities
Moving a task within a project
Move a task to another project
Create a resource group
Allocating employees
Customer-specific hourly rate
Project Totals
Project Baseline
Payment Plan – Fixed-Price Project
Payment Plan – Fixed-Price Task
Payment Plan – Time & Material
Create and maintain milestones
Send e-mails from projects
Project Factor Report
Accessing SharePoint documents via the Project Administration
Activation and set-up of the ETC feature (Estimate to Complete)
ETC report - submit
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Management reports Team Business Enterprise
The Report Internal/External - Analysis Report
The Employee Key Figures Report
Creating Extranet Access
Creating Customer Access to Extranet
Budget - Employees
Budget - Company
Resetting and Adjusting the Employee Salary Code Balance
Adjusting Hourly Rates
Flex Balance (All Employees)
Absence Specification (All Employees)
How to import expenses in TimeLog Project
How to format your import file
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Finance and invoicing Team Business Enterprise
Invoicing Using the Debtor List – Invoice
New Invoice Draft
Adding Lines to an Invoice Draft
Search for Invoices, Credit Notes and Reminders
Creating and Booking a Credit Note
Invoice Export to XML
Creating a Reminder
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System Administration Team Business Enterprise
Configuration of Time Tracking Settings
Creating or editing an employee
Invoice templates
Configuration of Mileage Rates
Configuration of Notifications in TimeLog Project
Configuration – Invoice Export to an XML-file
Configuration of Decimals in TimeLog Project
Setup of Budget and Key Performance Index
New Employee Hourly Rates
Permission Control for Employee Access
Security and Access
Microsoft SharePoint integration
Project factor - Settings
Departments in TimeLog Project
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TimeLog Help Desk Team Business Enterprise
Create a Support Case Using Extranet Access
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