Frequently asked questions when you consider to upgrade from Time...

    Which version of TimeLog PSA matches my company? 

    TimeLog PSA is created to grow with your business! In addition to Time - which is our solution that covers your basic time registration needs - TimeLog PSA consists of four packages:

    • Starter
    • Growth
    • Professional
    • Enterprise

    Visit our price page and get an overview of prices and features in each package now.

    You can book a meeting with a consultant, if you would like direct guidance on which version that matches you best.

    What will I have to pay after the three months, if I continue on my new version?

    The price depends on your number of users and whether you selected starter, growth, professional or enterprise. The prices start from EUR 7,2 per user. Get an overview of prices and features here.

    You can also book a online meeting and get direct guidance to select the right version for your company.

    Can I get a discount on TimeLog?

    Yes. TimeLog offers 10% discount when you sign up for a year. See prices.

    How do I get started with my three months trial period?

    Contact TimeLog via phone +45 70 200 645 or mail. Then we make sure to upgrade your account, and you of course keep your data. You trial period is always free, and you do not even need to enter credit card information.

    How do I get the best start with the new features, if I upgrade?

    When you upgrade from Time, you can make use of the following offers:

    1. Book a meeting with one of our consultants and get one hour free consultancy for implementation and setup
    2. Use the interactive guides in TimeLog, you find them in the bottom right corner
    3. Click the question mark in TimeLog to get more information about the page you visit
    4. Visit our Help Center or YouTube channel with articles, guides and how to videos.
    5. Use our FAQ
    6. Contact our support via chat, phone +45 70 200 645 or mail 
    7. Book a customised workshop with one of our implementation consultants 

    Can I get help for the setup or implementation, if I want to upgrade?

    Yes. You can get one hour free consultancy for setup and implementation. You can contact us via phone +45 70 200 645 or mail, then we find a time slot together.

    If you need implementation help besides the one hour, you can book a workshop either online, at your office or at our office. Contact us to learn more about workshops

    What happens, if I don’t want to continue on the new version after the three months trial period?

    If you want to go back to your Time version after the three months trial period, we downgrade you for free, and you keep all your time registrations and projects, which you also had in the Time version. You will no longer be able to use the extra features which you made use of during the trial period of the new version.

    Can I change the version during my trial period?

    Yes. You can change between versions. Please contact us via mail, then we can adjust your account.

    What happens after the three months trial period, if I don’t take action?

    If you do not do anything, when you three months trial period ends, you will get a notification in TimeLog seven days before the expiration date, which states “Buy TimeLog”.

    If you do not wish to upgrade, you need to contact us via phone +45 70 200 645 or mail to keep your TimeLog and your data.
    If you wish to upgrade, you need to use the Buy button to complete the upgrade.

    If you do not do anything within the 7 days, your site is closed down automatically.

    How do I buy TimeLog PSA?

    When you want to buy TimeLog and you already have a license, whether it is a Time or a trial version of TimeLog starter, growth, professional or enterprise, simply contact us via phone +45 70 200 645 or mail.

    How do I pay for TimeLog?

    You pay one license per user. Everyone who tracks time needs a license. You also need licenses for external users (external consultants, freelancers, etc.), who need to track time in TimeLog.

    All users must be on the same version of TimeLog. If you need to customise the use of TimeLog to a single user to only have access to e.g. time tracking or project management, you can do it via the role management in the system administration. Contact, if you need help with the setup of roles or learn more in our Help Center.

    Can I add or remove users during the trial period?

    Yes. You can remove or add users as you need to. During the trial period, extra licenses are free. If you want to add (or remove) users, you can easily search for employees via the super search field you have in the top right corner, when you are logged into TimeLog.

    What are the benefits of using other packages in TimeLog PSA?

    First and foremost, the benefits are that you can track more than time. Furthermore, you can e.g.:

    • Manage projects, hourly rates and payment models
    • Get a notification, if your project is running wild
    • Get an overview of resources and plan tasks more efficiently
    • Save time in your invoicing process and increase the invoicing percentage
    • Integrate TimeLog with your salary- and financials systems, e.g. e-conomic, Dinero, Visma and Zenegy
    • See reports on e.g. internal/external time, expected revenue and contribution margin

    Your specific benefits depend on which version of TimeLog you select. Get an overview of the features in the different TimeLog PSA.

    Can I get a presentation of TimeLog?

    Yes, you can always get an online meeting or presentation of TimeLog. You can always make an appointment via mail or phone +45 70 200 645