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Integration for e-conomic and visma salary

The Swedish IT company Active Solution saves a lot of time with integrations for Visma Salary and e-conomic, because several back office functions now run smoothly each month.

“TimeLog keeps track of illness, overtime and vacation and everything is transferred to Visma salary, so we can avoid manual salary administration for the employees. Everything is quick and easy and we save a lot of time each month", explains Kjell Svanström, CEO at Active Solution AB. 


Develops functionalities for ERP-systems

Active Solution develops customised systems that are integrated to the customer’s own ERP systems with a 360 degree solution. This supports important business processes and functions, which are customised exactly to the customer's specific needs.

Active Solution has many different customers, but the key product is system development and system administration in ERP-systems. They develop system applications from scratch and extra functionalities for existing systems and platforms – among others SAP, Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange.

Saves time on bookkeeping

Apart from using TimeLog’s integration for Visma Salary, Active Solution has automatized their bookkeeping to such a degree that outsourcing the bookkeeping function was possible - without any problems. This resulted in a very cost effective administration of salary and accounting activities. For Active Solution this means a much better opportunity to create room for new projects and a better way to keep budgets and deadlines.

“We have saved incredibly much time on our bookkeeping and released time and resources for core activities by using the integration for e-conomic,” states Kjell Svanström. “Both we and the customers profit from this.”

We chose TimeLog because…

”TimeLog fits perfectly into the way we are used to work with the customers own systems”, states Kjell Svanström about TimeLog's setup and functions. “Different systems see the world in different ways, and it meant a lot to us that TimeLog streamlined the project management with what we already know. We could start right away without spending too much time implementing it within the organisation”, says Kjell.

"TimeLog's employees have an incredible knowledge of how consultants like us work and have created a system that simply fits perfectly into our processes and administration needs”.

“TimeLog’s staff has an incredibly large knowledge about how consultants like us work and has made a system, which perfectly matches our process and administration needs”
Kjell Svanström
CEO and owner, Active Solution

Presentation of TimeLog

20 minutes online walk-through in front of your screen.

Presentation of TimeLog