Time tracking for auditors and bookkeepers that provides full financial overview and easy time tracking

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Auditors and bookkeepers

Simple hourly/case management. Keep track of both simple cases and larger customer tasks

Integrations for economic and salary systems. Save time on administration and case handling

Advanced analysis and reporting in real time. Get access to a wide range of KPIs that can optimise your business 

Easy indexation of hourly rates. Save time on all projects; as well as customer-specific hourly rates

Save time on administration of hourly rates

Many auditors annually make an indexation of their hourly rates. With TimeLog, you can make a transverse indexation of your hourly rates - including your customer-specific hourly rates.

If you work with customers using foreign currency, you avoid difficult translation of currency. You can create separate price lists e.g. per customer or country/currency.

Management of work in progress

If you focus on monthly management of work in progress, TimeLog Revenue Recognition may be a useful tool. 

In this way, you may save time on running depreciation and appreciation of registered hours.

Gain access to key figures and KPIs in real time

Based on simple time tracking you get a strong tool for analyses where you can follow KPIs including

  • revenue
  • work in progress
  • utilisation (internal/external %)
  • excess solvency/deficit
  • and much more...

Want to know more about how you build your strategy on KPIs? Read 3 reasons to build your growth strategy on processes and KPI now.

Case: The accountant company Ecomentor saved 20,000 EUR by changing to TimeLog

”TimeLog offers more flexible methods for time tracking - among others, online weekly timesheets, TimeLog Tracker and apps for smartphones.”

- Sten Glarkrog, Partner, Ecomentor.

> Learn why Ecomentor went from C5 to TimeLog

Ecomentor case

Spend less time on administration - and more on your customers

Invoice in TimeLog to compile your hours, work in progress and invoicing potential. Then transfer your invoices to your financial systems, e.g. e-conomicAxapta or Navision. This will save you time you can then use with your customers.

We integrate with more salary and financial systems, so you can save time on administration, and thereby use your time on advising customers.

Want to try TimeLog for free for 30 days?

Right now you can get access to a fully functional edition of Invoicing Basic for 30 days. 

With Invoicing Basic you can:

  • Track time on web, mobile and desktop
  • Register vacation, flex, other absence, travels and expenses
  • Manage tasks and customer database
  • Control invoicing on time & material
  • And much more 

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