Easy invoicing and salary administration

TimeLog is a strong tool when managing your monthly invoicing and salary administration.

During the invoicing period, you are dependent on project managers preparing their invoicing potential, so you can invoice on time.

In TimeLog, you can follow what is ready for invoicing, and your project managers can mark if the invoices are ready for booking, so you avoid manual follow up. It eases the workflows for both parties, and you can assure that everything is included before booking.

Full flexibility and transparency

With eight different contract types, you get flexibility when it comes to settling your projects. With our both simple and complex settlement types, you can manage both your financial contractual obligations towards customers and your internal financial reporting supporting management of bonus schemes, value creation and invoicing.

You have full flexibility to make both appreciations and depreciations of hours and value, add discounts and explanatory texts on invoices. Even though you make changes on the invoices, you are always able to see the original registered value vs. the invoiced value on the single projects, hours and contracts.

When you have booked the invoices, you can transfer them to your financial system either by using an integration for your financial system or entering them manually.

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Key figures in real time

You can deliver the needed key figures for your management each month using our reports, and provide the full overview of the company’s performance. You may also use our Reporting API to make your own specialised reports or integrate with Business Intelligence solutions.

Salary management

TimeLog provides you the information needed for handling salary including held vacation, absence and expenses. You can export salary data from TimeLog and import it in your salary system, so you avoid manual administration and the margin error is reduced.

Multiple legal entities?

Then you might need the possibility to link several financial systems to TimeLog.

Read more about our extension Multiple Legal Entities, which support the concern’s need for financial management.

Our GDPR compliance has been reviewed and approved by independent auditors

Our GDPR compliance and IT infrastructure has been quality assured by independent auditors' statements through the ISAE 3000 GDPR and ISAE 3402 reports. See our reports and learn more about ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402.

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